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Why Learn Chinese?

Watch this video from Asia Society, in which educators and politicians weigh in on the global advantage of young Americans studying Chinese.

Learning Chinese in American Schools (4 min. 50 sec.)

Research shows:

  • Learning a second language helps increase listening ability, memory, creativity, and critical thinking - all of which are thinking processes that improve learning in general.
  • When students are fluent in two languages, they perform better academically than their monolingual peers.
  • Research shows that the best time for children to become fluent in another language is before the age of 13.
  • Cultural awareness and appreciation prepare students to understand how to work within a diverse work force.
  • For heritage speakers, learning one’s heritage language fosters a sense of self-concept and pride.
  • Learning Mandarin in elementary school readies students for taking advanced Mandarin courses (AP) in secondary schools and college.

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