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Volunteering on Campus

Broadway Elementary School deeply appreciates the participation of volunteers throughout the year because it enriches the student's experience while helping the teachers and staff. 

In accordance with LAUSD policy, volunteers who work with or around students during the instructional day must first provide to the school office: (1) a completed LAUSD School Volunteer Application and (2) written TB clearance performed within 6 months prior to volunteering (a negative TB test result is valid for 4 years). Broadway also asks its volunteers to read, sign and return a copy of (3) the Campus Volunteer Guidelines. Adherence to the Campus Volunteer Guidelines helps ensure volunteer consistency, the safety of our children and the integrity of student instructional time.

Whenever possible, volunteer talents and skills will be matched with assigned tasks, however, volunteers are asked to be flexible and willing to help where needed. There are several areas in which volunteers routinely serve on Broadway's campus: 

Classroom Volunteers

To best support the teachers' needs and to preserve the integrity of instructional time, volunteers are invited to help in the classroom at the discretion of the teachers and by appointment only.

Cafeteria & Play Yard Volunteers

Volunteer opportunities are available in the cafeteria during meal times and on the play yards during recess. During meal times, younger children need help opening lunch trays, milk cartons, utensil packages, etc. Please note there is a Nut-Free & Peanut-Free Lunch Table for children with allergies. General supervision for student safety and good conduct is appreciated on the play yards during recess. Volunteers interested in filling this need may speak with a Room Parent to schedule.

Class Materials Support

Teachers and staff often appreciate help with photocopying, collating, cutting, and preparing materials for instructional and administrative use. Interested volunteers may speak with any Room Parent for details about when and how to help.

Field Trip Chaperones

Volunteer chaperones are greatly appreciated to ensure a productive and safe experience for students on class field trips. Teachers will request volunteer chaperones as the need arises. Please note that the number of available spaces for parent chaperones may be limited depending upon the location.

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Volunteer Documents

VolunteerForms ImageClick on a link below to open or save a PDF version of the selected file attachment.

»» LAUSD Volunteer Application (English)
»» LAUSD Volunteer Application (Spanish)
»» TB Clearance Form (English)
»» TB Clearance Form (Spanish)  
»» Campus Volunteer Guidelines