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School Safety and Security

Student Entrance and Exit

During pick-up and drop-off periods before and after school, all students and parents are required to enter and exit the school through the pedestrian gates on Broadway Ave. Students and parents are not permitted to enter or exit through the staff parking lot. If you and/or your child come to school on bicycles or scooters, please walk your wheels through the pedestrian gates. For safety reasons, bicycling, skateboarding, skating, and scooter riding are not permitted on campus.

Campus Security

Perimeter gates are locked daily after drop-off and unlocked at dismissal. Students arriving late must enter through the front entrance. All visitors, including parent volunteers, must report to the main office upon arrival, sign in, and wear a yellow VISITOR sticker. This VISITOR sticker must be returned prior to departure. 

Emergency Cards

All students will receive an emergency card at the beginning of the school year. The card must be completed and returned to the front office. Contact names and numbers, persons to whom we can release your child, medication information, and your current home address must be kept up-to-date. Please obtain a new card from the office if you need to update any of your information. The school will not release a student to individuals not listed on the student’s emergency card.

Dangerous Objects and Weapons

District and school policies prohibit students from bringing dangerous objects and weapons to school. A student may be expelled from school for such an act. Please talk with your child concerning this serious matter, and advise them never to bring anything that can be considered as a weapon to school. This includes nail files and toy weapons (please refer to the Student Behavior Code section for more information).

Toys/Items Brought from Home

Electronic games, toys, trading cards, and sports equipment are not allowed at school.

Parking Lot 

The staff parking lot is for staff only. Parents may not park in the staff parking lot. Furthermore, parents and children may not enter the parking lot on foot, in cars, or on bikes or scooters. This is for the safety of everyone, especially children. Children have been injured, or even worse, in school parking lots. We must be diligent in protecting our children and preventing accidents.

Please note: visitors and volunteers are not permitted to park in the staff parking lot.

Bicycle Safety

Helmets are mandatory!

  • Bike racks are located next to the auditorium.
  • Bike locks are required.
  • Children must walk their bikes or scooters on school grounds.

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LAUSD Handbook
For L.A. Unified district-wide policies
and practices please review the
LAUSD Parent Student Handbook
available HERE in PDF format.