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Broadway’s Students

At Broadway Elementary, we believe that all students have the potential to learn—that they have unique abilities, learning styles, strengths and experiences upon which learning can effectively be built. We also believe that students learn best when they clearly know what is expected of them and they see the relevance of the subject matter. Creative problem solving, decision making, and active participation within an integrated, standards-based curriculum are key components to the learning process.

We believe that learning is acquiring knowledge through the process of reasoning, thinking, interacting with others, and actively participating in rigorous tasks and activities. Learning is a continuous process that occurs within the school house as well as within the community. 

The instructional setting includes primary classes (grades K–3) and upper grade classes (grades 4–5). There is also  a Resource Specialist Program. 

Our curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards. Teachers utilize grade level pacing plans based on LAUSD core curriculum programs, along with analysis of data provided through periodic assessment, to ensure that all students receive quality, rigorous instruction.

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