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Homework and Instruction

Homework is intended to be a constructive tool in the teaching-learning process. Its value depends on the students’ active involvement in the work and the cooperation and support of the parents. Parents need to provide an appropriate time and setting for students to complete their assignments.

Homework may vary due to teacher discretion. Teachers should be informed if students are spending an excessive amount of time on homework.

Parents are encouraged to review homework and sign off on each assignment.  If your child is having difficulties on a particular assignment, please feel free to write a note to your child’s teacher regarding that assignment.

Homework Time Allocations

The District provides general guidelines for homework at each grade level:

Kindergarten: Homework promotes a positive interaction between parent and child for 10 minutes a day or 40 minutes per week.

Grades 1-5:

Grade 1: approximately 20 minutes/day or 80 minutes per week
Grade 2: approximately 30 minutes/day or 120 minutes per week
Grade 3: approximately 40 minutes/day or 160 minutes per week
Grade 4: approximately 50 minutes/day or 200 minutes per week
Grade 5: approximately 60 minutes/day or 240 minutes per week

These time allocations do not include daily independent reading requirements (see below).

Daily Reading

In addition to completing their daily homework, students are expected to read independently or with an adult for a minimum of 20 minutes per day in Grades K – 2, and for a minimum of 30 minutes per day in Grades 3 5.

The “Better Chinese” Curriculum

In the Mandarin Immersion Program, kindergarten students are also expected to spend 10 minutes a day or 40 minutes per week working with the Better Chinese curriculum.

Differentiated Instruction

During the first month of school, the teachers assess all children’s skill levels. Once assessments are complete, the teachers will have different learning centers and small groups to better meet the individual instructional needs of each child.

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