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Communication: Home & School

Standard Communication Between Home and School

The Mandarin Program Information Committee will send out a weekly email with information and announcements to those parents in the Mandarin Immersion Program who have signed up.

Room Parents will send out a weekly email with important information specific to each classroom.

Parent-Teacher conferences are held each semester to inform parents about their child’s progress in school for all grade levels.

Progress Reports are sent out three times a year to provide information about your child’s academic and social growth.

Communicating With Teachers

If you have an issue specific to your child, please feel free to make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress. Please allow two days to schedule the meeting.

Communicating With Principal Wang

Principal Wang is highly committed to maintaining open and honest communication with all parents. Her door is always open. Please feel free to make an appointment with her or stop by the office to see her.

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